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Casa Simon

This is an ongoing project for a client in Ibiza who wants a mid-century modern style extension to their Ibizan ‘finca’ house. The design provides an elegant connection to the rear garden through Crital style doors and a chunky pergola which picks up on the similarly robust structures seen on many traditional houses in Ibiza. There are also changes to elements of the house that involve traditional finca architectural styling. We will also provide a new interior design and garden design for the project.

This shows how the house can be transformed. The ‘before-and-after’ image will be used by our new sister company called REMAKE. More projects in Ibiza and London will follow.

Brainstorm Sketch: This initial ideas sketch drawn was hurriedly drawn after our first site visit. We consider that our instinctive response to the needs of the house are a critical part of the design process.