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Power House / Location: London / Date: 2005 / Competition

This competition entry was staged by Southwalk Council in 2005 for a site adjacent to Tower Bridge. Our entry was a proposal to provide a building called the ‘Powerhouse’. This would be a facility dedicated to the advancement of knowledge about the means and consequences of producing power, an issue key to the debate over environmentalism.

‘Powerhouse’ which was aimed at educating schoolchildren was unlike a traditional and stagnant museum as it would contain kinetic machines operated by the visitors who by their physically action would actually generate power and learn about the issues surrounding this issue.

These kinetic installations would include amongst other activities, rooftop bungee jumps within the ‘turban-like’ roof form. The building would also provide community and conference facilities and exhibition space dedicated to the issue of alternative and clean forms of energy supply.

northface render1 northfacepower3 render west 7


southface power